Having A Baby During COVID-19

Having A Baby During COVID-19

You’ve waited, and planned, and now your baby is here… but unfortunately, so is a world-wide pandemic!

It’s been a hard time to be a new parent with the upheaval Covid-19 has thrown at us all, not least because new parenthood has its own challenges at the best of times. But beyond the usual I-have-no-idea-what-I’m-doing worries, pandemic parents have new concerns. Uncertainty about hospital safety protocols, some Dads being banned from delivery rooms, navigating what’s safe and appropriate with post-birth visitors - all this and more have left many new parents feeling deflated - if not outright stressed!

But despite this, some parents have found silver linings, and have come up with creative ways to celebrate the arrival of a new life into the world (without putting anyone at risk). Here are some of the upsides you’ve been telling us about:

Upside 1: FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is gone.
New parents used to feel the pain of watching their non-parent friends go out late at night to exciting concerts and flashy clubs, while they stayed in with baby. No more! ….Now everybody’s in.

Upside 2: That stranger in the supermarket doesn’t touch your baby.
Once upon a time, pretty much any passing stranger felt free to grab your baby’s hands and touch his/her face, which sure, was meant to be a kind gesture. But…germs, people! You’d silently curse them as you got out of bed for the 4th time with your runny-nosed, fussy baby.

Upside 3: Baby Showers are still possible!
Ok, so this is less of an actual upside, and more of a making-the-best-of-a-bad-situation, but yes, baby showers are totally do-able! Some folks have been doing “drive-by showers” where guests drive by with a gift for a quick, from-the-car expression of happiness for the new parents, while others have gone fully virtual and are holding showers over Zoom and other online meeting platforms.

Sweetpea tip: Our online registry can help you streamline whatever option you choose, and we’re more than happy to accommodate special requests. Some of our registrants ask us to hold all the gifts purchased for them, and deliver them just before their shower (wrapped, of course!). While others prefer a slow stream of deliveries to brighten their days (before and after birth).  Email us at [email protected] with any questions you may have.


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