Teething Pain - What Works?!

Teething Pain - What Works?!

It’s been a life-changing few months. Your baby is settling nicely into a schedule, you’re getting some consistent stretches of sleep, you’ve mastered a swaddle, and things are starting to feel almost…easy.
Cue: teething pain!

First you might notice the hand-gnawing, and then the drool. Soon, your little bundle of joy might not seem so joyful as razor sharp little teeth begin to appear (and frustratingly disappear!). Your sleep schedule is thrown into disarray, your normally relaxed baby is tense and hard to console, and you’re at your wits’ end!

Sweetpea customers ask us all the time: “What works?!”

While there is no magical cure for teething, there are a lot of things that can help you and your baby get through this difficult stage. Here are some of them:

High Quality Teethers: Babies love variety. His favourite teether today gets not a glance tomorrow, so have lots of high-quality options available. High-quality means food-grade silicone, natural fabrics and wood - avoid questionable plastics. Different textures soothe in different ways, so have teething toys that are hard, soft, bumpy and easy to grasp.

Cold Gums: Is your baby old enough to eat solid food? A frozen banana in a feeder-teether will offer tasty relief.

Being Carried: Let’s face it, your baby doesn’t want to be put down right now. Why not carry your baby through a bit more of your day? Just be sure you’re using the best carrier for your needs - babies are heavy and they need to be ergonomic for both you and babe. We recommend a carrier by ErgoBaby, which you can use from birth up to 45 lbs. They offer multiple carry positions, ergonomic support for parent and child, and a lifetime guarantee!

Patience & Self-love: This is not the time to tackle a home DIY project, host an elaborate dinner party, or start a new fitness regimen. Is your house a mess? Dishes piling up? Now is the time to lower your expectations a wee bit and practice patience, acceptance, and self-care. In the midst of an exceptionally challenging bout of teething, it can feel like it’s never going to end. But in the scheme of things, it’s a teeny sliver of time, and happy days will be back before you know it!


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