What's your theme?

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What's your theme?

Are you working with a theme for your nursery? Use our search bar to help!

Parents-to-be sometimes choose a theme to help focus nursery decor, and knowing some tricks to use on our website can help you shop with ease. 

Sometimes themes are something personal - Maybe the couple met while camping (theme = Camping!), or she's a marine biologist (theme = Whales!). 

Sometimes it's a dream for the child - Future astronaut? (theme = Planets!)

Sometimes it's just an aesthetic preference - Popular themes include Rainbows, Safari Animals, Florals, and Woodland Creatures.

If you're looking for something specific, just use our search bar to bring up a selection of items within a theme.  Search "Shark", "Unicorn", "Bunny" or "Farm".  Or even colours - "Ochre", "Sage", or "Navy".

It's fun!


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